Cat Janice and her son Loren | Cat Janice and her husband | Source: Instagram.com/Cat Janice
Cat Janice and her son Loren | Cat Janice and her husband | Source: Instagram.com/Cat Janice

Dying Musician Mom Dedicated Last Song to 7-Year-Old Son – Fans Made Her 'Last Joy' Come True

Vanessa Seifert
Apr 23, 2024
11:41 A.M.
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Cat Janice, a singer and mother from Virginia, has been battling the final stages of cancer. So, she wrote a song for her son and asked her TikTok followers to help her make the song popular.

Cat Janice, a singer battling cancer, released her final song, dedicated to her seven-year-old son Loren. The Virginia singer took it to TikTok to share her one dying wish, and her followers exceeded her expectations.

Janice's battle with cancer started in 2021. In a TikTok video, she explained how she discovered the lump on her neck. The singer revealed that she had just recovered from COVID-19, and her lymph nodes were still swollen, but she did not make anything of it.

But one day, while she was studying for exams, she started rubbing her neck, as she usually did when she was anxious and felt the lump. "It did not move, and it did not hurt," she said.

Janice said she had no other symptoms, and her bloodwork looked fine. But she remembered experiencing tight knots on her back and shoulder blades. It turned out that her tumor was growing in her scalene muscle.

The mother was diagnosed with sarcoma. According to reports, it is a cancerous tumor that grows in the bones or soft tissue, like the cartilage, tendons, and nerves. Janice said it was a rare tumor, but the doctors promised to do their best to help her.

At the time of the diagnosis, Janice's son was still young, so her cancer remained a secret, but as he got older, he was able to understand that his mother was seriously ill and doing her best to fight the disease.

After a few treatments, things seemed to be looking up for the singer. She went through chemotherapy and radiation and got the tumor removed. But in 2023, she returned to TikTok with another video revealing that the cancer was back, and this time it was on her lungs.

Janice looked heartbroken, but she still wanted to keep fighting. She revealed the news two days before releasing her song, "Wishing I Was You." It was meant to be about the person she would be at the end of her cancer battle, but the singer realized her fight with the disease was not over.

On January 11, 2024, Janice posted another TikTok video telling her followers that she lived in a hospice and did not know how much time she had left, since her tumors had tripled in size overnight. "My last joy would be if you pre-saved my song 'Dance You Outta My Head' in my bio and streamed it because all proceeds go straight to my 7-year-old boy I'm leaving behind," she wrote.

The song "Dance You Outta My Head" is meant to be about feeling good about yourself and being in the best mood possible. On January 15, the singer shared another clip, stating that she had transferred all the rights of the song to her son. "I might not be here, but my baby boy will be," she wrote.

Janice was not sure if she would live to see her birthday or the release of her song, which was meant to come out a day before her 31st birthday, on January 19, 2024. She kept on urging her followers to pre-save the song, and a week into its release, it started topping the charts.

TikTokers were touched by Janice's story. Some used the song to share their personal stories of loss and surviving cancer. The singer wished for the song to bring joy, and watching people dance to it was a dream come true.

Nonetheless, the mother is proud to leave her son with the rights to the rest of her music. Janice hopes that Loren remembers that she fought as hard as she could and for her music to be a reminder of how much she thought of him throughout her health battles.

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