Photos Highlight Differences Between British Royal Weddings

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding was one of the most prominent events of the year 2018. People were waiting for the official event photos since they looked forward to seeing what Meghan was wearing and how Prince Harry looked. Here we are comparing Meghan and Harry's wedding with that of Prince William And Kate Middleton. We bet you would be surprised to find out the details included in this comparison. 

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Kate's Engagement Ring

After reading this, you wouldn't believe how much royals spend on one engagement ring. The engagement ring that Kate wore was worth a whopping $400,000. The ring is embedded with a large blue sapphire and has solitaire diamonds around it. The precious ring formerly belonged to Lady Diana and was now passed on to Kate.

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Meghan's Engagement Ring

On the other hand, Meghan's ring was $50,000 cheaper than Kate's ring, costing a total of $350,000. This ring was also part of Lady Diana's jewelry collection. It features a stone in the center that Harry had purchased from Botswana, and on the left and right side are two small diamonds. These royals sure don't go easy on their wallet, do they?

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Kate's Wedding Dress

If you look at it, KAte's wedding dress looks quite ordinary and simple. It doesn't look like it's a royal wedding dress, but the material used to make it is not cheap. Sarah Burton at McQueen's designed Kate's gown using the finest raw materials, which made the dress cost $434,000.   

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Meghan's Wedding Dress

A professional designer called Clare Waight from Givenchy designed Meghan's dress. Unlike Kate's dress that had beadings and laces on it, Meghan's dress had nothing of that sort. The off-shoulder dress looked sleek and modern, suiting the bride well on the occasion of her wedding. If you ask us, we would admit that Meghan looked like an angel on her wedding day.

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Kate's Way Of Waving Hands

It is a mandatory process for the newlywed bride to wave hands towards the public in a gentle manner. When Kate waved at the crowd, she kept the movement as minimum as possible. The princess stood with her husband on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. A massive crowd was present outside as the lady waved her hand.

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Meghan's Way Of Waving Hands

Meghan waved at the public when she took a ride in the carriage alongside Harry. While on the 30-minute ride, she gave a broad smile while keeping her fingers slightly apart from each other. She was also keeping minimum movement, just like Kate.

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Kate's Veil

The Veil that Kate wore is the creation of the Royal School of Needle Work. It had flowers on the edges and looked beautiful on the bride. The veil was translucent with no other lacing or beads on it. The length of the veil was typical, just like any other wedding veil.

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Meghan's Veil

Unlike Kate's veil that looked pretty normal, Meghan's veil seemed like it belonged to a Disney princess. The veil's length was about five meters and contained a floral detail that resembled fifty-three countries of the commonwealth. Just like Kate, Meghan also had her face covered by the veil.

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Prince Charles's Outfit At Kate's Wedding

When the groom's father, Prince Charles, arrived at the wedding, he donned his royal uniform for the occasion. The uniform is a black suit with a blue sash, some medals, a gold braiding, and a sword on the buckle. The uniform also includes a white royal hat and white gloves with black boots.

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Prince Charles's Outfit At Meghan's Wedding

However, when Prince Charle's arrived at Harry's wedding, he didn't wear his uniform but instead came in an ashen grey three-piece suit. He wore a white shirt and a vanilla tie underneath with no other additional accessories. He looked pretty simple, just like anyone else at the wedding.

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Kate's Tiara

Both the women were using borrowed tiaras in their wedding. The tiara that Kate borrowed belonged to Queen Elizabeth, who received it on her eighteenth birthday. The Tiara is over 100 years old and still looks good as new, with many diamonds encrusted in it. 

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Meghan's Tiara

The Tiara that Meghan had borrowed also belonged to the queen. The crown previously belonged to the Queen's grandmother, Queen Mary, and then later passed on to the current Queen. It's called The Bandeau and is equally stunning as the tiara Kate used.

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Kate's Dress After Wedding

Kate's reception dress is a classic white dress with a blingy silver belt designed by Alexander Mcqueen. Kate also wore a white fur coat, which matched her dress. She then went on to the reception that Prince Charles had arranged for the groom and the bride.

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Meghan's Dress After Wedding

The color of Meghan's dress is similar to the dress Kate wore at her wedding. However, unlike Kate's dress, Meghan's dress is sleeveless and has a choker neck. There is no embroidery on it, and it looks sleek and modern, just like her wedding dress.

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Kate's Bouquet

Royalties like to pick some of the best flowers for the wedding bouquet. The bouquet Kate held in her hands contains lily of the valley, sweet William, hyacinth, ivy, and some myrtles. This bouquet has been a tradition since the era of Queen Victoria.

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Meghan's Bouquet

Her Bouquet is quite different than Kate's bouquet and does not follow the royal tradition, but it also looks gorgeous. Some of the flowers in the bouquet were the groom's choice. It also contained the forget-me-nots that are favorites of the Princess of Wales'. It included many other different flowers that made the bouquet look stunning.

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What Prince Charles And Duchess Of Cornwall Wore At Kate's Wedding

At Kate's wedding, Prince Charles was wearing his royal uniform, and the duchess was wearing a light blue dress followed by a large Phillip Treacy hat. Anna Valentine is the creator of her dress and was also responsible for creating the Duchess' wedding dress.

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What Prince Charles And Duchess Of Cornwall Wore At Meghan's Wedding

The Duchess wore similar clothing at Meghan's Wedding. The only difference is in the colors as this time, her hat and dress colors are pink. On the other hand, Prince Charles did not wear his military uniform but instead wore a three-piece suit. They are looking sublime at both weddings.

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Prince William's Best Man

Every groom is to be accompanied by his best man, and for William, it was his younger brother Harry. They both wore their military uniforms, but their colors differed as William's Uniform was red while Harry's uniform was in a navy blue color.

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Prince Harry's Best Man

When it was young Harry's turn to get married, he was accompanied by his older brother as the best man. They both wore their military uniforms again, but this time, their colors were matching. Although, Harry's uniform did not contain any gold braidings on it, unlike the Duke of Cambridge's uniform.

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What Victoria And David Beckham Wore At Kate's Wedding

Since Beckham's are close friends to the royal's David Beckham and Victoria Beckham did not forget to visit the Duke of Cambridge's wedding. They both were present at the event and were looking dashing. David wore a purple suit followed by a hat and had the British empire medal pinned on his chest, but instead of wearing it on the left, he wore it on his right, which is a mistake. As for his Wife Victoria, she wore a navy blue dress with a Phillip Treacy hat. She was also pregnant with their fourth child at the time.

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What Victoria And David Beckham Wore At Meghan's Wedding

As Beckham's were present at Kate's wedding, they also showed up at Meghan's wedding. This time they wore even stunning outfits compared to what they wore at Kate's wedding. David wore a three-piece suit followed by a black blazer and pants with a gray vest and a white shirt with a black tie. He did not bring his hat nor had a medal pinned to his chest this time. Victoria wore a similar navy blue dress followed by red heels and a hat with a veil in front.

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What William Wore At His Wedding

Let's talk about what the grooms wore at their weddings. William wore his red uniform with a black and gold collar, a blue sash, golden and black sleeve openings with golden buttons, and a black pant with a red stripe. The uniform certainly looks that it belongs to a royal.

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What Harry Wore At His Wedding

Like his older brother Harry also wore a military uniform, but unlike Harry's red uniform with a lot of embroidery on it, Harry's uniform looked fairly simple. It is an all-black uniform with a white belt buckle and some medals pinned on his left side.

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The Queens Attire At Kate's Wedding

The Queen wore a reasonably simple dress at both weddings of her grandsons. During Kate's wedding, she came in a yellow dress coat with a yellow hat designed by Angela Kelly. However, her coat's brooch is undoubtedly an expensive one as it is made out of diamonds, including the pearl necklace she wore. She also wore white gloves with a white purse in her hand. 

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The Queens Attire At Meghan's Wedding

Queen Elizabeth wore a similar outfit at Harry's wedding. This time she donned a lime green dress followed by a lime green hat with purple fur. She again wore white gloves, but her purse was dark brown this time. Nonetheless, the queen looks marvelous in both events.

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Wedding Cake At Kate's Wedding

Let's talk about the cake available at both the duchess' wedding. The Cake at Kate's wedding was quite huge. They asked the professional baker Fiona Cairns to bake their eight-tier giant monster cake for the wedding. It contained layers of traditional fruit cake too, and the design of the cake is magnificent. 

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Wedding Cake At Meghan's Wedding

Unlike the wedding cake at Kate's wedding, the dessert at Kate's wedding was significantly smaller in size, but it did not pale in its design one bit. Claire Ptak baked and designed this lemon and elderflower cake. It also contained flowers around it, just like the wedding cake at Kate's wedding.

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Church Exit At Kate's Wedding

After Kate and William got married and were leaving the church, a massive crowd of fans waited outside. There were camera flashes everywhere and just happy chanting by people. The wedding venue was also tremendous as about two thousand people were present at the venue.

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Church Exit At Meghan's Wedding

On the other hand, Harry and Meghan's wedding had a significantly smaller crowd than the crowd present at Kate and Williams' wedding. Their venue was also smaller in size and did not host as many people as at Harry's older brother's wedding venue. It is only natural that William would have more guests at his wedding because he will be the King one day.

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How Kate Arrived At Her Wedding

Kate arrived at her wedding ceremony, taking place at Westminister Abbey with her father, Michael Middleton. Upon reaching the venue, Michael helped her daughter get out of the car and carried the long tail of her dress so that her dear daughter could step out of the car without getting into trouble. 

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How Meghan Arrived At Her Wedding

Meghan arrived at her wedding venue with her mother, Doria Ragland. The mother-daughter duo came to the venue in a vintage Rolls-Royce, and one of the pageboys came to help Meghan get out of the car along with the long tail of her dress. She walked inside the venue gracefully after stepping out of the vehicle.

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The Car That Kate And William Went Away In

After getting married, Kate and William rode off from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House. The Prince was driving a vintage Aston Martin, decorated with balloons, ribbons, and a fancy "JU5T WED" license plate. The car originally belonged to Prince Charles.

Image Credits: YouTube/Sky News

The Car That Meghan And Harry Went Away In

Prince Harry didn't pay much attention to decorating his car as his brother did. He drove a light blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero with his wife, Meghan Markle. The couple started their journey from Windsor Castle to Frogmore House to attend their wedding reception.

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Father Of Kate At Her Wedding

It's difficult for fathers to give their daughter's hand to another man who promises to take care of her just like they did. We are sure Kate's father must be feeling the same way. Michael Middleton wore a black coat with a red tie to his daughter's wedding. He held her hand and walked her down the aisle while she smiled while talking to Prince William.

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Father Of Meghan At Her Wedding

You must be wondering why Prince Charle's is walking Meghan down the aisle. Unfortunately, the bride's father couldn't make it to the wedding because of his health condition. He had to undergo heart surgery, and the doctors did not allow him to attend his daughter's wedding, and that's when Prince Charles came to save the day. He walked his daughter-in-law down the aisle at St. George's Chapel. 

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Bride's Mother At Kate's Wedding

Carole Middleton, the bride's mother, wore a light blue outfit at her daughter's wedding. Catherine Walker designed the dress for Kate's mother, and she looked elegant wearing it. The lady paired a simple pendant and studs with the knee-length dress, and we love how she looks.

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Bride's Mother At Meghan's Wedding

Doria Ragland looked beautiful at her daughter's wedding. She wore a pastel-colored outfit consisting of a knee-length dress paired with a matching coat. Oscar de la Renta designed Meghan's mother's outfit, and she carried it flawlessly. 

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Bridesmaids And Page Boys At Kate's Wedding

Bridesmaids and page boys have the responsibility of walking with the bride and help her carry her dress. Kate and William had four bridesmaids and two page-boys at their wedding. It's cute how the page-boys dress exactly like the groom, while the bridesmaids wear a white dress to compliment the bride's look.

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Bridesmaids And Page Boys At Meghan's Wedding

Just like Kate, Meghan was also accompanied by adorable bridesmaids and page-boys. She had a total of ten kids escort her everywhere during the wedding. People fell in love with the little girls and boys when they saw the royal wedding pictures because of their cute outfits.  

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Kate's Carriage

After the wedding ceremony, the bride has to leave the church and travel back with her husband in a carriage. Kate and William decided to go back to Buckingham Palace in a hundred years old Imperial State Landau. The carriage was previously used by the groom's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, at their wedding, and it was initially constructed for Edward VII.

Image Credits: YouTube/The Royal Family

Meghan's Carriage

Here's what Meghan's carriage looked like. If you compare this carriage with that of Kate's, you will realize that it is much smaller in size. The couple rode in an Ascot Landau, which is smaller in size than the Imperial State Landau. 

Image Credits: YouTube/The Royal Family

Middletons' Outfit At Kate's Wedding

If you look at the outfits of Kate Middleton's parents in both the royal weddings, you will notice something strange. As you previously saw, Carole Middleton wore a light blue dress, and Michael Middleton wore a black coat with a red tie. The couple had dressed very smartly for their daughter's wedding since they knew they would remain in the limelight for a long time.

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Middletons' Outfit At Meghan's Wedding

Do you see what Kate Middleton's mother is wearing? It's almost the same outfit as what she wore to her daughter's wedding, and she even chose the same color. Is this a coincidence, or did she do it on purpose? On the other hand, Kate's father also looks similar, except that his tie's color has changed. We're not sure if the couple did this on purpose, but whatever it is, they look great in those outfits.

Image Credits: YouTube/The Royal Family Channel

There were quite a few different and similar things that happened at the two royal weddings. If you enjoyed comparing the two royal events, don't forget to share this article with your friends and family. We are sure they would be surprised to read the similarities and differences between William and Harry's weddings.

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