Queen Welcomes Another American Into The Family

Yet another member of the royal family went across the Atlantic to find true love. This is an all too common occurrence among men of the Royal family. From King Edward VIII to Prince Harry, American women seem to be popular when it comes to matters of the heart. Recently with the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, fears came about that the future of the crown was at stake. Now those same fears are coming up again. 

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The soon to be, newest member of the royal family has a few tricks up her sleeve. She is a fascinating individual, who has more to offer than a pretty face. She isn't your average celebrity, she follows her heart, especially with her passion projects...

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Hanna Jaff Bosdet might be foreign to people from the UK, but she is a familiar face across the pond. This reality stars in the hit Netflix reality series Made in Mexico. The show is extremely popular, especially among Mexican Americans. What other tricks has she got up her sleeve? 

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Made in Mexico features astonishingly sexy socialites that live glamourous lifestyles in Mexico City. The show features luxurious skyscrapers, expensive restaurants, and gorgeous family horse ranches. Hanna has a quite controversial role in the series. What juicy role did Hanna play? 

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Every good series must have a villain right? Hanna was the perfect person to play this part since she has an array of impressive degrees, she takes fencing lessons and she is outspoken on social justice issues. The TED Talk she gave in Kurdistan turned heads. The show didn't want to change who she was though and made sure her character reflects her accolades. She sure is one impressive woman, what will she do next? 

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This beauty regards herself as Mexican American, being born in San Diego and being of Kurdish-Mexican descent. Unlike Meghan Markle, this American actually has a bit of royal background. Her forefathers were supreme leaders. Were they also as wealthy as her new family is? 

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Her family tree is quite impressive and makes her even more suitable for the Royal family than her predecessors. She is a direct descendant of Mohamed Pasha Jaff, one of the greatest Kurdish kings of all time and supreme leader of the Jaff tribe. She is also related to a few very intriguing people around the world...

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She will definitely know how to handle her newfound wealth when marrying into the Royal family, being a direct descendant of the owners of the bank of Iraq. This is the biggest privately-owned bank in the country. Another fascinating relative is Carlos Henry Bosdet, who installed the first telephone in Mexico. Pretty remarkable, isn't it? 

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She isn't afraid to go after what she wants. Her accomplishments include being involved in Mexican politics, an astonishing writing and speaking career as well as various philanthropic projects. We don't know about you, but that sounds very 'royal' to us. Is this perhaps why she caught 'Harry's' attention? 

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She isn't new to the 'famous' scene, so she will fit in well with the royals. Forbes named her 1 of "The 100 most powerful women in Mexico' in 2019. She also made the cut for the '10 Most admired women in Mexico' list by Cosmopolitan. The royals famously are hounded by the press. She can teach them a thing or two...

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In January of 2020, she got engaged to 'Harry'. She was smitten from the moment she saw him, and he thought she was the most beautiful woman ever. His distinctive red hair was one of the reasons the Mexican goddess was intrigued. Isn't Harry married to Meghan Markle though? 

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If you guessed yes, you are right! Prince Harry is happily married to an American coincidently. Hanna is engaged to Lord Henry Roper-Curzon, who is also known as Harry. He also has red hair like his distant relative Prince Harry. Shockwaves were sent through the 'Firm' as the Royal family is known, after Meghan and Prince Harry's departure from the UK earlier this year. Hanna is also an American, what if it turns out to be a disaster?

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The things we do for love hey. An American has previously caused havoc in the 'Firm', causing a King to abdicate. The Royal family are the leaders of the UK public, and they model themselves after them. Certain standards are simply non-negotiable, in order to protect the reputation of the royals. Just imagine how special this woman was that the Kind had to abdicate the throne to be with her...

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Future King Edward VIII fell hopelessly in love with Wallis Simpson, an American married woman in 1931. They had an affair, much to the irritation of his family and the British government. The two made plans for when Edward would become King. However, things could never be smooth sailing for them...

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When Edward became King Edward VIII, Wallis divorced her husband in the states. This was the second time she left a marriage. King Edward, since being in charge from 1936, was the Head of the Church of England who was vehemently against divorce. His only dream was to marry Wallis, pity dreams don't always become true, even if you're a Royal.

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The church of England refused to marry the King off to his American love. Even the British government denied a King the chance to marry Wallis, provided she takes a lesser title than Queen. The English are proud of their traditions, and they simply don't deviate from it. No exceptions can be made, even for a King.

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When he was refused the chance to marry a two-time divorcee, he did the unthinkable. He abdicated the throne, in order to be with his one true love. He looked the Prime minister of the time straight in the eye and told him “I am going to marry Mrs. Simpson, and I am prepared to go.” The monarchy was in a deep crisis...

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When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne, a new royal family came about. His younger brother, George VI assumed the throne. That is why we have his daughter as the Queen today, Queen Elizabeth II. If it wasn't for the abdication of King Edward, we wouldn't have the royals we have today. Marriages within the royal family faced a lot of challenges over the years... 

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This couple was the center of the royals in the '80s. They wed in 1982, but their marriage would be rocked by infidelity and scandal. They had two children together, Prince William and Prince Harry, but children couldn't save their marriage. The Prince and Princess of Wales each indulged outside of the marriage...

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Both of them had extramarital affairs. It was perhaps Prince Charles's affair with a married woman, Camilla Parker Bowles, that raised eyebrows the most. Married women seem to be popular with the royal men. Prince Charles hoped the drama would end with him, and that his sons might have better luck. 

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Although she was known as the most vilified woman in the UK, the public warmed up to her and Prince Charles. After he divorced Diana, the two could do as they pleased. They married in 2005 in a beautiful ceremony. One member of the royal family was visibly absent, why did the Queen refuse to attend their wedding? 

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Remember the backlash King Edward VIII got when he wanted to marry a divorcee? While Prince Charles might not have been so unlucky, it didn't mean he could get everything he wanted. The church of England was still against divorce, which included marrying a divorcee. The Queen didn't attend their wedding, but she wasn't completely rude about it...

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Although the Queen as the head of the Church of England, couldn't attend their ceremony, she was more than happy to attend their reception. After years of appearing on the front pages of the tabloids, Charles and Camilla were finally accepted by the public. Would his son be so lucky though? 

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Drama seemed to have been on the horizon for Prince Harry too. He married an American divorcee in 2018, and all seemed well for a few years. However, in early 2020 he announced that he and Meghan Markle was stepping down as senior members of the Royal family. Why did they leave so abruptly?

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When Harry and Meghan announced their departure from the Royal family, everyone wanted to know what went down. Meghan Markle has been accused of turning the Prince against his own family. She was as much loved in the press, as she was vilified. Rumor has it that another senior member of the family was responsible for their spilt, however...

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The queen took control of her family and let Prince Harry know that he can't have his cake and eat it. After the scandal of them leaving the family for good, the monarchy was in crisis yet again. Arguably they should be focused on protecting 'The Firm', but now they are allowing another outsider in so soon? Strange...

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The other 'Harry' of the royal family was immediately smitten with Hanna when he saw a picture of her. The future 22nd Baron of Teynham requested an audience with her. He couldn't meet her right away though, as she was a busy woman with her own life in Mexico.

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Luckily for the couple, they would get their chance soon. They saw each other for the first time, after attending an art exhibition in London. The connection was instant, and it would only be a few weeks when they announced they are dating. This love must be strong hey? 

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Harry knew he was smitten with this Mexican goddess, so after having spent Christmas together that year, he asked her to marry him during a Ski trip in the Swiss Alps. Of course, she said yes! She was in love with him from the start, and who can say no to a chance to be royalty? 

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The couple was quite sad when they had to postpone their plans to get married in July 2020. Hanna said on her Instagram page that she is quite sad, "but given the world is going through so much right now, there are bigger problems to worry about." How noble of you Hanna. When will the two love birds get their chance? 

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The couple has reportedly had their fair share of challenges due to the pandemic and the lockdowns its brought. Unable to see each other constantly, the couple had to be creative to stay in touch. We can totally relate to them, as this time has been hard for everyone. Love wins though, and the couple is closer than ever after the fact...

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She reflected on this hard time by saying "The distance really does make the heart grow fonder. You realize that you have to be thankful for what you have every day." What wise words Hanna! It definitely seems like this couple can make it through anything. Will they though?

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When Harry and Meghan wed, nobody expected the scandal that would unfold. Understandable so, royal experts are anticipating the potential fallout when Harry and Hanna marry. There is no reason to be worried, as this is a solid relationship. The problem is Harry and Meghan's union also seemed harmless...

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When Harry and Meghan met they had a brief date set up by friends. They knew nothing about each other. Even though they are married happily now, they also had their fair share of challenges. Maybe things would have turned out differently for them if Meghan was more familiar with the Royal family... 

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The tabloids hounded Meghan Markle as much as they hounded the late Princess Diana. There was a misconception that since she was an actress previously, that she was used to it. She corrected this by saying "I’ve never been part of tabloid culture. I’ve lived a relatively quiet life." But when is enough, enough? 

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Sensitive to the way in which the tabloids treated his mom, he refused to accept the same fate for Meghan. The tabloids even went after Meghan's mother, to try and get the latest scoop on the couple. Harry decided that he wants to protect his family, which lead him to make an abrupt decision...

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Harry was supported by his older brother when he lashed out against the press for treating his wife so unfairly. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William released a statement saying he "understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him." Will this support last? 

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The Queen also stepped up and gave her approval of Meghan Markle, hoping this would protect her more from the press. Harry is often called the Queen's favorite grandchild, and she was delighted to see Harry was happily married. Harry's decisions, later on, were very upsetting to the Queen, however...

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Meghan liked the Queen very much, saying she loved spending time with her "Not just with his honor and respect for her as the monarch, but the love that he has for her as his grandmother… She’s an incredible woman." The Queen is a very powerful ally to have it seems...

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When Harry and Meghan first gave the perception that they would like to leave the Royal family, her majesty was quite upset. Not only would her favorite grandson depart, but she wouldn't see much of her great-grandson Archie. We understand that this must have been sad for the Queen who is 94 years old...

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Hanna and the other 'Harry' are set to marry at Westminster Palace in November 2020. They will then go on to live in a gorgeous royal house that Harry inherited from his ancestors. There is great excitement within the royal family, but will this couple also end up abroad? 

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After the couple had their wedding in England, they will be heading over to Mexico for a three-day celebration. Another religious ceremony will happen there. Being a Mexican-American, Hanna had always hoped she would live in Mexico, a country that is very close to her heart. Will her wish be granted? 

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Despite the fact that she always hoped to live in Mexico, her life in England will certainly not disappoint. She will be in close proximity to her new family and will be able to attend all sorts of glamourous royal events. It doesn't sound like a bad deal. She won't leave Mexico behind forever though...

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Despite living in England she will continue to travel between England and Mexico, due to her various initiatives in her native country. She has long been an inspirational figure for the Mexican people, heading many charitable projects. The UK is surely getting a gem of a woman...

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Despite the Royal family's recent experience with foreigners entering their family, they are fully supportive of Harry and Hanna's engagement. They know now exactly what steps to take, to ensure her transition into the family happens smoothly. They are the most famous family in the world, and role models for many around the world, so it's good to see how they are embracing someone with a different culture from their own. 

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We are so excited to see Harry and Hanna being happy and ready for their lives in the UK. We can't wait for their wedding, as it will surely be beautiful. Please let us know what you think of this love story, if you are obsessed with love like us, why not share it with your friends? Till next time!

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